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Welcome to Your Virtual Hot Rod Todd where you can interact with him. He's a clever pup and will let you know exactly what he wants. He will also let you know when he has had enough so pay attention.

Virtual Hot Rod Todd, apart from being fun, also has educational qualities. Below is what one mother who was so kindly testing Virtual Hot Rod Todd had to say.

"Ian has been keeping digital Todd fed and bathed all day. It's helping him work on his reading with the messages at the bottom. Ian does not have passion for reading books or stories. He loves instruction manuals and signs, but has zero interest in reading a book for fun, and even less interest in fiction. This program appeals to his direct interest (huskies) and the text holds his interest so he knows what Todd needs next." Ashlee K (USA)

Interested in your very own VIRTUAL PET, contact Desiree Bradish or Cameo Anderson

Hunger: Starved
Happiness: 10 tail wags (per min)
Tiredness: Awake
Cleanliness: Clean
Isn't he AWESOME?!