Cheers, we would like to comment on an exceptional book and series Hot Rod Todd, this is a positive wonderful collection of adventures and great artwork that our grand-daughter Lucy adores (3). It’s perfect for parents and grandparents to read to their young ones, and the kids will really enjoy the web downloadable coloring books. So take a look, it’s a great series, even our Husky Mya The Ham Radio Husky likes it, and she wants a date with Hot Rod Todd. ~ John+S+3D's (USA)

The Adventures of Hot Rod Todd - An easy read book with magnificent illustrations.  Was gifted to my eight year old grand-daughter. She loves the story of the husky’s going into the wilderness in search of their lost brother and the adventures they experience along the way. A heart warming ending when unlikely animals all pull together and achieve a result. Perfect for showing children just how fun reading can be. I ordered a copy to read to my three year old grand-daughter. She enjoys being read to and then turns the pages herself and retells her version of the story from the amazing pictures.....  A great story with a moral to it. If you are a fan of animal story books, I think you would definitely like this one ! Can’t wait for the next adventure ...... ~ Wendy E (England)

"Beautiful illustrations with a story to match" Adrian Czarnecki’s debut children’s story, Hot Rod Todd to the Rescue, delivers an exciting and detailed story of a pack of Siberian husky pups looking out for one another. The story reinforces positive themes important for readers of all ages, including family loyalty, inclusiveness, work ethic, and safety in awareness of surroundings. The beautiful illustrations capture the mood and action with attractive colors and impressive detail. My seven-year-old son was mesmerized by the artwork, which sparked his interest in story line. In addition to a fast-paced action story (no time for young audiences to get bored!) the exciting characters deserve their own line of plush and action figure toys. Todd drives a racing truck, several of the pups are tech savvy, BBQ Haku presents a strong female character who is not overly feminized, and Eye Patch Echo adds a fun touch of humor with his comic relief. Each pup and the other animals in the story provide evidence of strong writing for character development, and offer a variety of personalities for young readers to connect with. Rock Star Merc and BBQ Haku are my favorite characters, but maybe you’ll prefer Hot Rod Todd like my little boy, or you may find you have a soft spot for Gandal like BBQ Haku does. ~ Ashlee K (USA)

(Learning ABCs book) "I love it! It has little teaching moments in it, but it is also fun and engaging. The words are easy for kids to understand and I feel like it’s a book that can be used multiple ways, not just with finding letters but with helping to read when my kids get a little older. I also feel like they can relate to the book with the pups we have and that helps engage them more" ~ Jasmine P (USA)

Chelsey and I loved reading Adventures of Hot Rod Todd to the Rescue. We love the morals it portrays as it encourages team work and strong friendship values. It also encourages us both adult and child that friends come in all forms. We may look different but we all love our families and would anything for them. My daughter Chelsey is 14 and her favourite character is Eye Patch Echo and mine is BBQ Haku but we also like Odin and Freja. ~ Lynny E (Great Britain)

We just love the Hot Rod Todd books. The kids loved the story and that all the wild animals joined together to help the puppies get back home. The illustrations where beautiful too and it was nice how they also told stories. A beautiful book, beautiful story and beautiful illustrations, We can't wait for the next book to come out. ~ Emmy K (Austria)

My 2 year old niece is in love with the characters from Hot Rod Todd. All I have to do is get out the book, and she goes on and on and on about "Hot Todd" it's adorable. She really is engaged by the illustrations and tries to tell her own version of the story as we flip through the pages. There is more than one great feel-good message in this story. Some more hidden than others. I recommend it for family storytime. The book is good for older kids, too, as there are plenty of words to look at and I think it has the appeal of an old 90s cartoon. If you want a great family friendly adventure cartoon but don't want your kids glued to the TV, this is the way to go! ~ Alisa B (USA)

My kids love the book and so do I. They’ve read it together several times and my youngest is always so captivated by the bright colorful pictures. Great book with a great message! ~ Ashley A (USA)

I purchased the Hot Rod Todd book for my son.  First I look for ways to support authors and artists that are local or just getting started. Cameo Anderson also illustrated one of our favorite books, Adventures Moo Cow and did a beautiful drawing of our past pups. I had heard of this book so when author Adrian posted about the book I knew I had to purchase one. Second my son loves Husky puppies and smiles every time he sees one. Now having this book for a week I can say it is becoming our favorite. We’ve read it at least 5 times already and I don’t mind re reading this book at all! It’s enjoyable for the adults as much as the kids. My husband and parents have enjoyed the story as well. The colorful illustrations keep an infant interested longer than most stories. The story right now is for entertainment for my 9 month old but will later teach him that, just like Baku, Longtayl, Odin and Freja, helping others and looking past our differences is important. I highly recommend this book to everyone. ~ Megan B (USA)

"Can I have a husky for Christmas, Mum?" Oh Adrian Czarnecki, what have you started?! 😉

Firstly, I was blown away by the stunning illustrations, they're realistic enough to accurately represent the real life dogs, but they have the magical sparkle required to capture the imaginations of young children (and old mums like me).

Then I started reading, but had to stop before the husky family got to England, because my daughter pinched the book off me. Then my middle daughter grabbed it.... These are the girls I told Adrian had probably grown beyond picture books, given that they were both now reading YA books! They both loved it. They're not very forthcoming with feedback but I got a 'great!' with a thumbs up, plus a, 'I like it better than your books, Mum.' That's high praise indeed from my preteen rascals.

I loved the characters, more so because I've got to meet the real stars through this group. The story is fun, quirky and engaging for children, but I loved that it had deeper meanings too. The story shares the importance of family, caring for one another and being kind to all creatures, even if they are very different to you, all great values for young children to embrace. I was expecting Nessie to make an appearance, having seen the cover, but there were quite a few surprises too - no spoilers!

Finally, I first read this as an ebook before I received the paperback I won in the competition on here. I loved it first time around but nothing beats an actual book to get the full impact of the story and illustrations. It's definitely worth getting the paperback version to keep. Five out of five stars from me, and five each from my girls - that's fifteen stars for Hot Rod Tod and his Husky family to share. ~ Sylva F (UK)

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