Welcome to the Adventures of Hot Rod Todd series of children's picture story books revolving around 6 Siberian Husky puppies born to Mom (dam) Empress Maya and Dad (sire) Damien Czar on March 14th 2019.

Roll-over the images above and you will see all the puppies when they turned 8 weeks old.

Throughout each and every book in the series, we're currently working on book three, there are adventure, twists and turns, drama, tension and surprises that reveal a feel good message, a story line with a happy ending. There are also some educational values.

Beautifully illustrated by Cameo Anderson, these children's picture-story books comprise full page colored illustrations with text that parents can read to their youngsters or, if at reading age or learning to read, youngsters can read and enjoy themselves.

Ever the poser and 'laid' back Dad (sire) Damien Czar is always watching over his puppies.

Only a few hours old Empress Maya and Damien Czar's puppies snuggle up in Empress Maya's fluffy tail.

There's Todd aka Hot Rod Todd, Haku aka BBQ Haku, Echo aka Eye Patch Echo. Simba aka HRH Simba, Koda aka Morse Koda and last but not least the superstar to be, Merc aka Rock Star Merc.

Below, BBQ Haku gives mum Empress Maya puppy kisses

Our first ever view of the puppies just a few days before they where born on March 14th 2019.
Such a proud daddy Damien Czar, also a very special moment when mum Empress Maya let him visit with the puppies when they where just a few days old.
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