If you like this little guy, puppy puppy mischievious Siberian Husky Hot Rod Todd then you can take care of him, feed him, exercise him do tricks with his Virtual Hot Rod Todd. Click image or graphics - enjoy.

Enjoy but remember, Siberian Huskies can be adorable pesky pups at time.

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AT LAST ..... the much anticipated 'Hot Rod Todd Rescue Mum & Dad', the third illustrated story book in the Adventures of Hot Rod Todd children's picture story books series is now available to order. And YES, by popular request the packs Mum Empress Maya and Dad Damien Czar play a huge part in the story when they decide to go on a vacation to discover their Siberian Husky roots and heritage.

Everyones favorite, Captain Chinook takes control of Rock Star Merc's NEW Chinook helicopter and, we we have a couple more guest appearances but you'll have to buy the book to find out just who they are - you will not be disappointed. Hope you like the look of the cover pictured left and .......... well if you roll-over the 'garage image' you'll get a Sneek Peek - so much fun.


Like the previous books, 'Hot Rod Todd Rescue Mum and Dad' is beautifully illustrated by Cameo Anderson and full of adventures with the six Siberian Husky puppies involved in a rescue mission that see's them heading off into the Alaskan Wilderness.

As always, there are adventures, twists and turns, drama, tension and surprises in the form of new found friends revealing a a really strong message with a happy ending not to mention equally strong educational and family values that you can engage with and enjoy time and time again.

Empress Maya and Damien Czar








Click the image and you will be directed to the FREE PDF page where you can download to your PC or MAC desktop. Enjoy.

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