Nothing quite like eye catching Adventures of Hot Rod Todd patriotic mugs (right) and Beer Steins (left) featuring your favorite character to enjoy your beverages in. Pictured is the 15 oz mug and the 16 oz beer stein - images are as a guide only.
Oh oh we have 'T-Shirts with Attitude' available now and Husky lovers will oh so 'get it'. Click on any T-Shirt image to get all the information.
These comfortable and stylish Neck Gaiters featuring your favorite Adventures of Hot Rod Todd character are an absolute must for any outdoor sports enthusiast as they protect the face from cold winds, spray, dust - anything that pretty much could casue you discomfort. *NOT intended for any medical protection in any form whatsoever.
Finally, self-publishing illustrated children's books of this quality is pretty expensive so every single dollar received via the store helps with covering those costs + the costs of further sequels - thank you for your support.

Slowly but surely we're adding items to our store that we hope you will like. There's mugs, and beer steins in which to enjoy a favorite beverage, comfortable and stylish leggings and capri's as well as T-Shirts and much more.

For your fur babies, there are bandanas, again of a patriotic theme and for sporting people, neck gaiters which are proving very popular to protect their faces from the elements.

Each image is a link to the stores pages so go shopping.

If you like the look of these very stylish combo design Pet Bandanas being modelled by Empress Maya Mischief click a bandana and take a look at them in the store. Patriotic, USA Star Spangled Banner, UK Union Jack, Scotlands Saltire and Englands St Georges Cross. All very stylish and beautifully produced.

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Who doesn't love comfortable Leggings and Capri's. From the left, Black Ladies and Youths - UK EU versions and Patriotic USA.


Who doesn't love T-Shirts and these Unisex ones featuring your favorite character are simple awesome.